Wildlife cushions by Hare Styles

At Hare Styles you will find gifts and accessories that have been specifically designed and handcrafted to prove ideal (and amusing!) for your family, friends and your home. Because all the gifts and accessories are individually made by hand, some variations naturally occur, with slight differences regarding fabrics and papers and, of course, colours but the main design of each item remains the same. As much time goes into the design of each product as that which is used to make it but the final result is a unique, bespoke gift or accessory that adds that touch of being special.

notebooks by Hare Styles

Although fabrics and papers are mainly used in the designs, pictures incorporating dried flowers and leaves, and shapes and silhouettes hand drawn and cut from other materials, are also available with some being in frames also made at home. In addition to the hand-crafting, there is also a range of art work of animals, equestrian (including polo) and aviation subjects available as originals or prints, including some Certified Limited Edition prints, all of which will be lovely additions to the walls of any room.

Athena by Hare Styles

As both an artist and someone who has always enjoyed hand-crafting, it was only natural that I should expand my love of these subjects to establish Hare Styles. Very much a country-girl with a lifelong passion for horses, and being raised in a family dominated by the Royal Air Force, these three subjects tend to dominate all areas of my work, along with environmental concerns that have resulted in some designing to incorporate “off-cuts and leftovers” from any project!

Please browse the ART page and CRAFT page for hand crafted gifts, accessories and art. If there is something specific you require, or if you would like to make a purchase, place an order or discuss a commission (craft or art), please contact me directly.


limited edition print of de Havilland Mosquito by Hare Styles

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